May Blog

So the dust has settled and at last I start my blog

After my show that ended in January life has been rather busy in family life. Traveling to Europe and having lots of family time.

Though I got to go to Africa burn!!!

After being so inspired at Africa burn things seem to be falling into place, my creative juices are flowing it was a incredible experience and seem to once again that music is life changing!

The works of art on display made me think it not all for money!

It’s being able to create

We are consumed with money in I life’s everyday and for short time for in fact 6 days we did not think about money! Only to buy ice!

I sit in my studio realizing every time I am here this is were I am meant to be yes of course I am a wife and a mother and of course this always comes first!!!!

Though my wall needs to be finished

I have a month to-do so

It is my goal!!

Thank you to Africa burn to make me change my path!

I need to be creative if I don’t I get sick!!!!

Not to self!

Stop listening to the radio it is make your own Soundtracks for your life

My album of the month London Grammar!!!!!!

Bring it on.

The Burn Bunny

on our way home

on our way home



Before the Storm

Before the Storm