Masiphumele township near Kommetjie, Cape Town.

At last I am able to start to help in the community. In august this year, Lucca my daughter and I worked at Masi for a couple of weekends painting murals in a crèche for under the 2’s. We are not only painting murals but doing up the crèches, so if you are able to help with any donation  that would be amazing. I can pass on all details… where to send, from wherever you are in the world.

We are trying to bring  visual and sound to the under  2’s.  Sinothando creche is situated in  the Masiphumele township near Kommetjie, Cape Town. The creche is built in two shacks, one housing 35 over 2′ s and the other with 20 under 2’s. The principle, Tozama is the most incredible woman who started a creche 9 years ago and is really involved in teaching the children. With help she has managed to attain the first three years of early child development training at a local higher education college. She provides a warm and loving environment (emotionally) for the children who mostly are left in her and her 3 assistants care from 7 am to 5 pm daily.

1002586_10151785909601391_624856347_n                                   baby

In 2012 a nursery school help to fund the improvement of her over 2’s shack, re-building it with insulation, safe electrics and a cement floor instead of bits of old carpet laid on bare, damp earth. They also provided some shelving, chairs and tables and painted a blackboard.

On the baby side, however, it still remains dire with only one electric socket, no insulation and there are holes in the corrugated iron that makes up the shack. The floor is bare damp earth with a worn old carpet over it and there are no hooks, no running water and no fridge to store the babies’ milk in, so it sits out in the open all day.

Tozama lives in small shack herself and will never be in a position to afford to either buy a proper brick building for a school or renovate her under 2’s shack herself. The children in her care have to pay R120 a month (about £8 a month) creche fees and she has to pay rent of R700 a month out of that plus pay her assistants R900 each and still find the money for electricity and food for the children (let alone the teaching materials).

The first 5 years of a child’s life are most crucial to their future and yet these children go home to cramped, one roomed shacks with no toys or books and parents who largely struggle to feed and clothe them. The most stimulation they get is at creche and thanks to the wonderful, dedicated people like Tozama they have a hope for the future…. but she needs help.

If anyone feels that they would like to help Sinothando and the children that go there,  then please let me know?

All the children currently have to go to the loo in buckets and potties in the dirt alley beside the creche.

If we are able to raise enough money we would be able to buy her a portable loo with a removable container that can be emptied.