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Setting Up for The Colour of Sound Exhibition

We live in a fast paced world of consumption, where we rarely have time to stop, reflect and really understand what our intentions are. We’re so engaged with being adults, that we’ve forgotten how to reignite our childlike wonder and creativity. Local artist Sarah Lambourne demonstrates the creative impact that Vision Board Projects can have […]

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May Blog

So the dust has settled and at last I start my blog After my show that ended in January life has been rather busy in family life. Traveling to Europe and having lots of family time. Though I got to go to Africa burn!!! After being so inspired at Africa burn things seem to be […]

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Show at Langa Tag Gallery

After an amazing night on Tuesday, with a great many people making the effort to come to Langa and the home owners welcoming everyone, the show will be running until the 16th January. If you are interesting in coming down you can purchase tickets by calling Siphiwe Ngwenya +27 (73) 7778937, 021 8241773 or email . […]

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