Sarah Lee Lambourne

Since her birth in 1972, Sarah has been travelling to Zimbabwe every year as both her parents were brought up there. No other country has had a bigger influence on her and her art. From a young age until her teens Sarah was based in Belgium. The dark, oppressive weather there couldn’t compare to the lush, diverse landscapes of Africa. Despite obvious turmoil, the colours and shades of light and desert have saturated her spirit and inspired her work. Initially scared of the massive ‘go go’s (Afrikaans for bugs), Sarah was dismissed by the locals as a silly European. But one day, instead of squashing yet another one, she looked at the creature with fascination and compassion. Since letting that bug live, the insect world has taken flight within her work. This experience reflects her exaggerated scale and insensitive use of space and colour. With travel and a focus on modern culture at the centre of Sarah work, she uses sketchbooks daily to combine the positive with negative. Fascinated by how often worlds collide and intertwine in daily life, she feeds off observation. For example, during her travels to Australia she found a calm and warmth so unexpected and complementary to her love of Africa. Spain is her other main inspiration, where the southern skies with their intense blue purity have helped clear the path for her to really soar.
ScreenShot372 Her  focus and style are defined by a need to move around and mutate with an ever-changing world, but with understanding and keen perception. Her warmth combines with the medium to create positive stokes, spontaneous but consistent. Her modern paintings are full of happiness and light. Sarah’s ties to London are strong and she has had many successful shows in England as well as a major exhibition in Harare, Zimbabwe in April 1999. August 2001 she had a private show in Chelsea square, London following a huge splash at the brick house in shoreditch in October the year before. She also exhibited in the UK at space in September 1999 and the alchemy gallery in the summer of 1997. She has completed numerous commissions. Sarah studied at the City & Guilds Art School in London before spending three years at the Ontario college of art in Toronto, Canada. She now lives in Cape Town with her three children in Cape Town.

TEL+27 0793483935